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Has the strength, does not fear the test laser Bo photoelectric can do the project

A new direction skill Service

01Quality Assurance

540-degree wide-angle rotation technology-wider scanning range

Patent for thermostatic control and Power Management ---45 degrees below zero

Wireless Control Technology ---across the sea, across the river is not a dream

Optical technology The most reliable guarantee for sound


Ce and rohs-exit passes;

Professional inspection report-the necessary conditions for acceptance of engineering projects;

Members of Professional associations-keep up with the industry

03Professional technical team

Professional Design team-to ensure the advancement and uniqueness of products

Professional Technical team-from each screw, each solder joint to ensure the reliability of the product

Professional Engineering team-to provide professional construction drawings, lighting BITMAP, electrical drawings, etc, for Professional Guidance and Construction;

04After-sales protection---

Full-time technical groups ---Free Quality Assurance, life-long maintenance, so that you have no worries!

Professional engineer-to provide on-site installation, commissioning, programming training services and maintenance;

Professional Technical Guidance-- Provide technical support; guide software and hardware upgrade;

03Fully qualified, CONSTANTLY INVEST IN R & D and Innovation, Leading Industry Technical Standards Upgrade CE certification



Trade Mark and inspection

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ABOUT US Shenzhen Chuangsheng Leibo Photoelectric Technology Co.Ltd.

Shenzhen Chuangsheng Leibo Photoelectric Technology Co.Ltd. Is A HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE, is a set of outdoor lighting laser equipment, outdoor building laser equipment, scenic area laser, water curtain laser film, stage laser performance products, stage lighting products R & D, production, sales, leasing, engineering design and installation of high-tech companies. Company in the "professional, dedicated, dedicated" concept, with professional design, exquisite technology to ensure product quality; dedicated to the Promotion and innovation of Lighting; focus on industry development trends. Take the customer actual demand as the guidance, provides the high quality product and the high quality service for the customer.For more information

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